Web Coder

Building great sites is at the heart of what I do and at the heart of any site is HTML and CSS. I strive to keep current with the latest versions and can incorporate features such as transitions, transforms and animations while keeping it “old school” and writing my code by hand. I use JavaScript and JQuery to add interactivity to my sites.

Web Builder

Creating updatable sites requires a content management system. I am experienced with building sites using Drupal and WordPress (even a couple in Joomla and one using Demandware); extending their features through plug-ins, modules, custom content types and views. I have also created and implemented customized themes for many CMS sites.

Graphic and Media Designer

The most important aspect of any website is it’s ability to communicate. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, graphics are often at the heart of communication. I have worked in graphic design most of my life. I was a layout artist who created four color magazines, brochures and other corporate media. I am a podcast and video editor, a sometimes animator, and e-learning author. I have years of experience with Adobe products for both print and web.

Project Planner

All websites should start with planning. It takes the steps of gathering requirements, building wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps and asset lists to insure the end product is a user-friendly, responsive, and useful website. During my time as a project manager I created the documentation for and directed a team in building many great sites.

For more detailed information on my education and experience (and a lot of acronyms) see my resume.