As someone who has been working on the web since 1996, I have held most of the titles available at some point or another including designer, developer, publisher, and manager. My skills carve a wide swath across the web landscape. Most of all though, the thing I bring to any project, is the experience of 20 years of web development.

Skills include

Website Creation

  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Bootstrap

UX/UI Design

  • Adobe XD
  • Balsamiq Mockups

Graphic and Media Design

  • Video and webinar production
  • Podcast production and management
  • eMail – theme and campaign building
  • eBook production
  • Social media site customization (for sites such as FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter


Valencia Community College
Orlando, FL
Associate of Arts in General Studies

Art Institute Online
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science in Interactive Multimedia Design


15th Judicial Court
West Palm Beach, FL
 | Web Content Coordinator 1/17 – current

As the Web Content Coordinator my primary responsibility was the building, theming and management of the court’s website, as well as other internal sites. I also assisted in various media production including video recording and production, creation of training materials and graphic design.

E.I.C.C., Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL | Co-owner, 07/96 – current

At E.I.C.C., Inc. I work on company projects. My duties include web design for multiple properties. In addition to design and content management, I also manage all of our social media marketing for accounts such as @elephpant, @nomadmage, and @nomadphp. My marketing duties include the management for 6 mailing lists and the campaigns that go to them.

While I do not create the content that we publish, I am responsible for creating the final output of the content. This included:

  • Blog posts
  • Youtube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks

On each of these I handle everything from the content design to the final production using tools such as:

  • Adobe Premier
  • Audacity
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Kindlegen
  • Captivate

Our websites include:

Oreck LLC
Nashville TN | Front End Developer, 09/11 – 05/14

I work within the web marketing team to help spread the word about Oreck throughout the Internet. My work includes updating and maintaining the various product and category pages throughout the site, construction of HTML email, and working with the developer and other designers to create new features throughout the site including interactive elements. Work can be seen at In addition to working on the main Oreck website I have themed a careers site (, re-themed the new Demandware e-commerce site and worked with various 3rd party marketing systems including Knotice (email solution), ION Liveball, Webcollage (for implement of product information on various larger retailer sites), and Shortstack (Facebook implementation).

I am also responsible for changes to various Demandware templates utilizing ISML code, HTML, CSS and jQuery that have created newer layouts within the category and product pages not standard with the Demandware installation. We have incorporated many changes within the Demandware infrastructure to improve the performance of the website and increase conversions.

Horton Group
Nashville TN | Developer / Project Manager, 03/10 – 09/11

I design and develop Drupal based sites, including installing and configuring modules, using CCK, views, panels, fusion and skinr. I am responsible for designing interfaces and theming sites. I also have managed dozens of development projects, aided with estimating, budgeting and guiding the team. I’m responsible for discovery, documentation, task assignment and seeing each project through towards launch and beyond.

HCA Physician Services
Nashville, TN | Web Designer/Developer, 10/09 – 02/10

I worked in a contract capacity with HCAPS designing and building out web sites for physician’s practices. My duties included interface layout, XHTML/CSS coding, implementation of jQuery scripts and working with the .NET team to implement dynamic elements.

Zapfire Communications
UI / Web Designer, 05/07 – 09/08

I was responsible for interface design, page design and build out of all web sites for our clients including the implementation of Flash and other dynamic media. I implemented custom and open-source CMS solutions including Joomla and WordPress. And I was responsible for training clients in data entry including producing manuals.

Horton Group
Nashville, TN | UI / Web Designer, 01/07 – 05/07

I worked with a small team to design and develop several websites. My responsibilities included design of logos and web sites, HTML/CSS build out of the web sites, implementation of simple PHP forms and of video and audio media.

Digital Dog, Inc. Nashville TN
Nashville, TN | Designer 09/2005 – 12/2006

My position of designer and production artist included working within a team on various web design and multimedia projects as well as working with clients during both the planning and production phases of their websites.

My primary responsibilities included designing and preparing graphic layouts for web display as well as constructing the pages within the site. My duties entailed creating various interactive interface elements such as flash navigation and banners, roll-overs, drop-down menus and pop-up boxes.

J&J Music, Inc.
Chickasaw AL | Communications Director / J&J OnLine – Web Master | 1983 – 2005

As the Web Master my duties included design and maintenance of the web site. I was responsible for assembling content, creating graphics, writing HTML code, maintaining mailing lists, hosting Internet chats and maintaining the extensive online catalog. I created an online community for our users consisting of email lists, specialized sections within the site, tutorials, online classes and Internet chats.

Additional Experience

Event Coordinator / Communications Director

  • Coderfaire Nashville
  • Coderfaire Atlanta
  • Nomad PHP
  • Day Camp 4 Developers
  • Nomad Mage
  • Sunshine PHP

Art Institute of Nashville
Adjunct Instructor, 01/09 – 12/09

I taught both Information Architecture and XHMTL/CSS in the Interactive Media Department of The Art Institute of Nashville.

Draughon’s Junior College
Adjunct Instructor, 08

I was a part-time instructor in the Interactive Media Department at Draughon’s Junior College (Now Daymar). My duties included teaching web design classes. My last class focused on the use of Adobe’s Fireworks.


Professional Organizations